I’m Amber Gentry – founder of Health + Discovery, certified Health Coach and mother to three awesome kids. With a degree in Psychology and a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am trained in over 100 different nutritional theories as well as life-changing coaching and counseling practices.  I help my clients discover the root of their health issues, so they can Eat Freely and Be Whole.

I believe that when life is so full, we need to give ourselves MORE, not LESS.

So many powerful men and women I know are struggling with anxiety, time management, brain fog, depression, and overall poor well-being.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They have incredible careers, gorgeous families, and they speak with authority and grace.  But many are quick to acknowledge areas in their life where they they feel completely powerless and incomplete.

Maybe you are in the same boat. Maybe the story you are telling yourself is: “There is not enough time… Not enough energy… Not enough support…” Because you are living out the story of “not enough,” you now give yourself so little. You care for yourself last and least. This has taken a toll on your body, mind, and relationships – and now you can’t even make it through the day without collapsing or feeling you’ve let everyone down.


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"I don't know how you do it all..."


I am often asked this question when running between my kids’ schools, coordinating our family weekend plans, deciding what to cook that night, and shuttling my kids between piano, dance, soccer practices, and playdates.  Usually the person asking is another busy mom or a young person at the start of their career, and their comment holds so much weight.

It speaks to that person's view of their own life, and the doubts that they have:

“What if I can’t do it all?”

What they don’t notice is the coffee stain on my jacket, the wrong shoes my kids brought to school, or the lunchbox I forgot at home... But what they do see is the outworking of my philosophy: when life is so full, we need to invest in ourselves more so we can experience joy and greater health.

  • More nutrients and satisfaction through delicious food!

  • More time towards what we value

  • More love to our families

  • More energy through detoxing and enjoyable exercise

  • More support to accomplish it all

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My job is to help you discover that you can have all these things in abundance, by taking small, actionable steps each day.

Here’s the secret: there are more than enough of these things to go around!

We will start with your habits surrounding food. We will focus on your breath. We will analyze how you spend your time. We will learn about the body you have and work with it to achieve the lifestyle and weight you want.

You will feel satisfied. And whole.