Hear what our program members are saying!

“When I started working with Amber, I was going through some major life changes. I was moving cross-country, starting a business, beginning a new relationship and trying to keep my sanity in the process. Stress had become my middle name and my health was being put to the wayside. Through working with Amber, I have been able to focus back in on my health, treating my body with care and giving it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy through these major life changes. She's given me tools, recipes, encouragement and acted as my accountability partner throughout the entire process. I've lost weight, started to enjoy food again and feel more at peace with where I'm at in my life and health. Her approach is invaluable and 110% worth the investment!”


“My experience with Amber has been truly life changing. Before I started meeting with her I struggled with chronic stomach pain that seemed truly impossible to overcome, and after my time with her I now live stomachache free almost everyday. Before I started meeting with Amber I went to the doctor for my stomach pains where they prescribed me a prescription antacid and sent me home. After taking it for a few weeks I realized that, not only was it not completely curing my stomach pain, it was going to be something I would have to take for the rest of my life. I really desired to figure out how to solve the problem with my food and lifestyle choices rather than with a prescription and that's where Amber came in. She really guided me to discover what foods made me feel best and encouraged me to try new ways of eating. She was never pushy or told me I had to eat a certain way, she just helped me understand my body better and what it needs to function at its best. By the end of our 6 months I am feeling like a new person and I achieved all the goals we set out from the start. My stomachaches are the exception, not the rule, and I feel like I truly understand what my body needs each day. Amber's coaching was just the guidance I needed to get to the bottom of my problems and make lasting changes.”


"Working with Amber through her various programs completely transformed my relationship with food and nutrition. Before Amber came into my life I had never successfully followed a diet, I treated food as both a reward and a punishment and I agonized about the "chore" of cooking a real meal. As one of Health and Discovery's younger fans I want to emphasize the effectiveness with which Amber helped me to build habits. Habits I will carry with me for the rest of my life as I strive to lead a healthy life and influence my friends and family to do the same! Her approach is one that connects the body and the food we chose to nourish it with to your whole life and personal identity. Her programs connect the body with the mind, spirit and emotions to encompass a level of wellness and self-care I had never known. With Health and Discovery's teaching I felt empowered standing over my stove with recipes I knew were delicious in hand and someone who would excitedly receive my foodie photo when I finished cooking and plating. Amber tailored a recipe book to my lifestyle, preferences and personal goals allowing me to feel autonomy and choice over the process while giving up things that I didn't even realize I was holding or think I could let go of - mostly excuses. I never felt restricted during the programs. We talked about healthy fats, dark chocolate dipped in almond butter and how to make a "gourmet" meal so that self-care became a real act of doing good for myself through nutrition rather than a selfish spending spree through shopping. The programs I participated in gave me knowledge about what I was putting in my body and why I should, challenges through goal setting and accountability and confidence to make the meals and the changes that have made me a happier more whole version of myself. I love having friends over to my new apartment and whipping something simple up for them (most of Amber's recipes take less than 20 minutes) and then listening to them rave about how delicious it is while I tell them about how good it is for their body! That is so fun!! I'll close by attesting to Amber as a person. Yes she's highly educated in nutrition, talented with combining flavors in a kitchen, prepared with a business plan and recipes, but mostly she is a gifted caretaker who approaches physical and nutritional health as a way to help people achieve knowing themselves more fully and loving the person that emerges. Amber is encouraging, reliable and probably just the push you need to discover the next step of your personal, beautiful health and wellness journey. Thank you Amber! "