This is my most powerful program because you learn through multiple seasons and circumstances how to eat freely.  From fresh spring picnics to hearty fall meals, summer barbecues to holiday feasts.  And all the early mornings, sports tournaments, class parties, work trips and action packed days in between! 

Every program is individualized for your body and lifestyle.  But with every program, the focus is to bring clarity to your nutrition and lifestyle habits, and to discover how the health of your physical body is directly linked to your social, emotional, and spiritual health.  We will start with your habits surrounding food. We will focus on your breath. We will analyze how you spend your time.  You will learn the best way to eat for the body you have, so you can achieve the lifestyle and weight you want.  


Through your 6 month program, you will...

  • Learn how to eat seasonally, according to your body’s unique design, and in line with your culture and heritage.

  • Feel more amazing than you ever knew you could!

  • Gain energy and reduce stress.

  • Learn time saving habits and strategies to make things fall into place.

  • Discover the biological origin of your symptoms, and learn how to listen to your body.

  • Be equipped with in-depth knowledge of how each cell in your body can be nourished, and how proper digestion is the key to greater health.

  • Gain perspective on how your relationships, career, and spirituality are a primary part of your health journey.

You receive…

  • 30min-1hour individual coaching sessions, weekly or bi-weekly.

  • Tools for planning and tracking your health journey.

  • Customized FAME Recipes and weekly meal plans for you and your family.

  • Pantry and fridge make over!

  • Home cooking classes to learn time saving and nutrition-maximizing techniques.

  • Tools for managing your time and prioritizing what you value.

  • Gifts that improve your wellness and promote self-care.