Health + discovery CLEANSE CLUB


Nourishing and caring for your body should not feel like depriving yourself - Cleansing should be a practice of rest and refreshment. You will learn to listen to your body and discover how you can continue to practice healthy habits of self-care. Join the club! We promise to hold you accountable to this bit of cleansing and renewal.


The Benefits:

  • MORE ENERGY! (you might not even recognize the feeling…)

  • Glowing skin

  • Feeling lean where you were feeling "puffy" **while losing weight is not the goal of this cleanse, Cleanse Club members have reported losing up to 7lbs over this amazing week of self care.**

  • Renewed confidence that you can keep commitments that you make to yourself with regard to your own health

  • Change in cravings so that what you want to eat is the same thing as what is nutritionally best for your body

  • Positive effect on your mood and ability to concentrate and create

  • Relief from seasonal allergies as your body detoxes and is refreshed


What you will receive:

  • 2 Health Coaching sessions with me: a 1 hour session to start your cleanse, and 1 hour session at the end to recap and set future goals.

  • 3 days worth of fresh vegetable and fruit juices **These juices are optimized for healing and cleansing. If you are in NYC - I'll bring the juices to you. (No need to buy a juicer, spend time shopping for the organic ingredients, or figuring out what to do with all the leftover pulp ;)). If you are outside of NYC, I will cater recipes to you and give you tips and instructions on how to make your juice yourself! **

  • 4 days of vegan recipes post-cleanse, for your re-entry into healthy eating.

  • Gifts, teas, and tonics catered to your body and lifestyle to assist you through your cleanse - delivered to your door!

  • 1 week of text support. Daily communication, with tips, encouragement and educational facts to keep you motivated and amazed by your incredible body.