What does "healthy" mean to you?


It is incredible to see how the health industry is changing…

We now understand that wellness and longevity is achieved when we nourish our bodies with foods that keep us free from disease. And we are starting to embrace the truth that food is medicine!

We now understand that the goal is to cherish your body and feed yourself whole foods; instead of striving to be “thin” and eating low fat or nutrient deficient foods.

We are realizing that our mood and mental stamina are affected by the foods we eat and they way we move; that our digestion determines weight loss (and the appearance of our skin!).

We know that finding and doing exercise you enjoy, and cooking food that makes you feel clean and comforted - will result in the body you want.  The stress you feel can be replaced by peace and clear motivation, when your habits reflect what you value.

It is becoming clear how your physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health are all connected.  


As your health coach...

As we work together, we will discover how to bring greater health to each area of your life.  You will be amazed at the results!!

You will learn the best way to eat for your body, and have confidence in the kitchen to cook incredible food.

Your mood will be more joyful because your gut-health is in balance. 

Your body will become lean and toned as you discover ways to exercise that promote flexibility, endurance, and strength.

Your stress level will go down exponentially as you breathe deeply and learn how to better manage your time.

Your skin will clear up as you detoxify your liver and nourish your body.  

Your prayers will be more full of hope as you discover/understand the way your body was designed to be cared for.

Does this all sound too lofty?

Maybe what you need is better support, and better understanding.

You will be surprised how simple, practical steps implemented daily can enable you to attain the lifestyle you want!

Do you have a health related goal?

What has kept you from doing what you need to accomplish this goal?

How will losing weight, having more energy and time affect your life??

Take this first step in prioritizing your health and schedule a Health History Consultation with me.