Why Health Coaching?

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Health coaching is the fastest growing profession in the health industry today. The demand for preventative health care instead of reactionary disease management is growing! 

People are waking up to the fact that a culture of dieting, restricting, food guilt, and body shaming has resulted in broken bodies and broken relationships with food and self. 

It is time to change this.


I am convinced that health is wholistic.

You can eat a kale salad and a superfood-smoothie every day, but if you are stressed at your job you are probably still going to have a heart attack.  I think that we all intuitively understand this connection, and yet our medical care is often disconnected. As a health coach, I look at every aspect of my client's health: physical, social, psychological, and spiritual, and help them see how they all fit together.  There are both biological, psychological, and environmental factors that effect our health, and we can find a cure by nourishing your physical body and discovering how valuable you truly are. This wholistic approach enables greater health and deeper healing. 

I am convinced that making food and lifestyle changes is the most effective way to prevent and cure disease. 

80% of disease in America can be prevented by food and lifestyle changes, and 87% of health care costs are the result of poor food and lifestyle choices. 

Yep - that's ridiculous.

What if we spent time and resources to PROMOTE health and PREVENT disease?  What if we decided it was better to address the root of our health issues by embracing food and lifestyle changes, instead of managing symptoms of disease with pills and medications?? My practice is founded on the belief that we need to invest in preventative healthcare not reactionary health care.

I am convinced that health means longevity, vitality, and strength.

What does "healthy" mean to you?  More energy.  Freedom from constant dieting.  More flexibility, less stress.  Confidence in your food choices.  No aches and pains.  Full of joy.

There is much more to being healthy than fitting into those skinny jeans.

Unwanted weight gain is almost always a sign that something is just not right in your physical body, but weight loss is not just a calories in, calories out equation.  Armed with a more freeing approach to food - nourishing our bodies - you can simultaneously reach your weight loss goals and invest in your own self care.  We need to give ourselves MORE of what our bodies need, not less. My approach with my clients is to help them implement habits and practices that result in greater longevity, vitality and strength. 

As your health coach...

**As we work together, we will discover how to bring greater health to each area of your life.  You will be amazed at the results!!**

You will learn the best way to eat for your body, and have confidence in the kitchen to cook incredible food.

Your mood will be more joyful because your gut-health is in balance. 

Your body will become lean and toned as you discover ways to exercise that promote flexibility, endurance, and strength.

Your stress level will go down exponentially as you breathe deeply and learn how to better manage your time.

Your skin will clear up as you detoxify your liver and nourish your body.  

Your prayers will be more full of hope as you discover/understand the way your body was designed to be cared for.

Do you have a health related goal?

You will be surprised how simple, practical steps implemented daily can enable you to attain the lifestyle you want!

Take this first step in prioritizing your health and schedule a Health History Consultation with me.  Maybe what you need is better support, and better understanding.