Health Coaching is unique, customized for you individually, or for your family’s needs.

We will work together to discover how your body was meant to be cared for, and how to daily invest in yourself through better habits, beliefs, and practices - so you experience the freedom and satisfaction that comes from transforming your life. There is so much to be discovered and to be understood!



With every program, the focus during the first 3 months of our sessions will be to discover your nutrition and habits surrounding food, while the last 3 months we discover how the health of your physical body is directly linked to your social, emotional, and spiritual health.

We will start with your habits surrounding food. We will focus on your breath. We will analyze how you spend your time.  You will learn the best way to eat for the body you have, so you can achieve the lifestyle and weight you want!  And you will feel satisfied, and whole.  

Through your 6 month program, you will...

  • learn how to eat seasonally, according to your body’s unique design, and in line with your culture and heritage.

  • feel more amazing than you ever knew you could!

  • gain energy and reduce stress.

  • learn time saving habits and strategies to make things fall into place.

  • discover the biological origin of your symptoms, and learn how to listen to your body.

  • be equipped with in-depth knowledge of how each cell in your body can be nourished, and how proper digestion is the key to greater health.

  • gain perspective on how your relationships, career, and spirituality are a primary part of your health journey.

You receive…

  • 30min-1hour individual coaching sessions, weekly or bi-weekly

  • Tools for planning and tracking your health journey

  • Customized FAME Recipes and weekly meal plans for you and your family

  • Pantry and fridge make over!

  • Home cooking classes to learn time saving and nutrition-maximizing techniques

  • Tools for managing your time and prioritizing what you value

  • Gifts that improve your wellness and promote self-care


FAME Recipe Building Course

Fast, Amazing, Meals that are Easy!

These recipes are foundation of your nutrition plan that you build the rest of your eating habits around, and they are sure to go down in your own personal history as the most amazing meals you eat. Learn more here.

This two month (8 week) course is the perfect jumpstart to learning how to eat freely.  Learn how to transform the meals you love into the most nourishing things you eat.  Get equipped with super practical strategies and build healthy habits that you can stand on when you day gets shaky!

  • Four, 1 hour, individual and personalized coaching sessions

  • 30 easy and amazing recipes - 10 breakfast, 10 lunch, and 10 dinner recipes that will become staples in your home!

  • Tools, resources, and gifts to enable and establish healthy habits

  • Training in how to embrace your bio-individuality, so you can discover the best way to eat for your body

  • Coaching on how to embrace your culture and heritage through food, and share that connectedness with those you love.

  • Tips and tricks for healthy, delicious, and easy home cooked meals

  • Strategies for meal planning that free you up and makes your trip to the grocery store a breeze

  • Expert knowledge about the best foods to eat to boost your mood, increase your energy, make you feel clean, and keep cravings at bay!

  • Pantry and fridge makeover!

  • Practical steps to reduce the amount of $$ you spend on food every month


**One week of intense self-care**

The H+D Cleanse Club is a week long guided group juice cleanse.

Cleansing is a chance to reset habits and mindsets, grow in understanding of what your body needs, and prove to yourself that you can keep commitments that you make to yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to give your body the pampering and nourishment it needs to REST and detox - so you can feel healthy!  That is the goal of this cleanse: to indulge in one week of intense self care.

What you will receive:

  • 2 Health Coaching sessions with me: a 1 hour session to start your cleanse, and 1 hour session at the end to recap and set future goals.
  • 3 days worth of fresh vegetable and fruit juices **These juices are optimized for healing and cleansing.  If you are in NY - I'll bring the juices to you. (No need to buy a juicer, spend time shopping for the organic ingredients, or figuring out what to do with all the leftover pulp ;)). If you are outside of NY, I will cater recipes to you and give you tips and instructions on how to make your juice yourself! **
  • 4 days of vegan recipes post-cleanse, for your re-entry into healthy eating.
  • Gifts, teas, and tonics catered to your body and lifestyle to assist you through your cleanse - delivered to your door!
  • Week of daily tips and educational facts in your inbox to keep you motivated and amazed by your incredible body.

The Benefits:

The benefits of a cleanse are vast - both physically and psychologically.  In addition to your body feeling lighter and your clothes fitting better for spring, here are a few more benefits you will experience from this cleanse:

  • MORE ENERGY! (you might not even recognize the feeling…)
  • glowing skin
  • feeling lean where you were feeling "puffy" **while losing weight is not the goal of this cleanse, Cleanse Club members have reported losing up to 10lbs over this amazing week of self care.**
  • renewed confidence that you can keep commitments that you make to yourself with regard to your own health
  • change in cravings so what you desire is the same thing as what is nutritionally best for my body
  • positive effect on your mood and ability to concentrate and create

I think we can all agree - cleansing should be a practice of rest and refreshment. Nourishing and caring for your body should feel like pampering yourself, not depriving yourself!!  Through this cleanse, you will learn to listen to your body and discover how you can continue to practice healthy habits of self-care.  If you are ready to join the club - contact me! We will hold you accountable to this bit of cleansing and renewal :).

FAME Building + Guided Seasonal Cleanse

Personalized individual cleanse program, based on your body type, where you live, and your lifestyle.  **This program will just be a taste of the benefits you would receive from working with me over time.

It includes:

  • 2 months of Health Coaching sessions: 1 hr a week, twice a month. (4 sessions total)
  • 2 months Customized Meal Plan and FAME Recipes for you and your family
  • Pantry and Fridge Makeover
  • Cleanse Kit: created for you based on your body-type and individual cleanse program.  **this really is catered to you. Factors include: your personality, your blood type, what motivates you, foods you like, your sleep patterns, all the things.
  • Additional training in: Budget cutting strategies, mood and energy boosting strategies, and time management tracking.
  • Gifts to promote wellness and self care - including: books, tools, and supplements to go along with your personalized plan.