HEALTH + DISCOVERY Monthly Program


We all have an area of our lives where we don't feel healthy or whole. But somehow we just make it so complicated... I want to bring ease and joy back to your table - because you know what?  Being healthy should not be so hard.


The goal of this program is to:

  1. Bring accountability and self awareness to your table.

  2. Experience that being healthy is NOT hard.  

This group program consists of:

  • Goal setting + Accountability + Motivation - via the H+D Member Portal

  • Exclusive recipes, catered for each month’s challenge. Fast + Healthy + Delicious.

  • Weekly educational content, so that you grow in health knowledge and HOW to implement small, easy, action steps - that end up changing everything!

  • Email access to Amber all month long.

We currently offer an option to join the challenge for 1 month at $45 or 3 months at $125



JANUARY: Sustainable Weight Loss

FEBRUARY: Building Healthy Habits

MARCH: More. Energy.

APRIL: Cleanse + Renew

MAY: Summer Bod + Brain


JULY: Seasonal Eating

AUGUST: Self Care


OCTOBER: Immunity

NOVEMBER: Healthy Feasting

DECEMBER: Less Stress. More Joy.

Somewhere along the line we made “healthy eating” so confusing.  

We broke down food into macro and micro- nutrients, calories and vitamins.  We added 25 steps to cook a meal that should only take 5. We bought processed food in bulk, and decided that chopping vegetables felt like a chore.  We looked up recipes on Pinterest and then felt like a failure when we didn’t have time to cook them. We read all the latest nutrition info on a few blogs, and then got stressed about eating nightshades or cooking with oil…

It’s a cycle so many of us fall into, and we end up thinking that it is SO HARD to eat healthy.  My mission? To show you that it is not.  Food should be a joy, not a stressor. Whole foods should be easy to prepare, and fun to cook.  Eating should feel comforting, clean, relaxing, and nourishing.

Lets narrow things down to the basics, set goals and stick to them.

Let’s throw off all this food guilt and instead commit to self awareness.

Let’s remember what it feels like to feel good and stay that way!!

You will discover that taking small steps every day, leads to monumental results!



  • When you sign up, you will receive a log in code for the Member Portal, where exclusive educational content and recipes will be added each week.

  • We will begin the month with a Zoom call ( that the group dials into ) where we’ll discuss and learn about the Monthly Challenge.  

  • Each Sunday, new content centered around that week’s focus will be added to the Member Portal ( this includes new recipes each week! ), and you’ll fill out the Goals Form with easy action steps and personal goals to accomplish that week.

  • Each Friday, I will send out various success stories from the group ( with your permission, of course ) to encourage and spur you on to set new goals for the week ahead.

  • The last day of the month, I will send you a comprehensive packet with all the information shared that month, and your book of recipes!


This program is super effective for people who are externally motivated, and overcome challenges most effectively with support.  (I think this is most people - yet somehow in our culture we think it is "better" or "stronger" to do things on our own, based solely on our own self-motivation... I know that doesn't work for me). The beauty of this program is that everyone can set their own individual goals - that can vary from kicking a soft drink addiction to working towards running a marathon.

Support will exist for goal setting and accomplishing!