Healthy Banana Muffins


When I got married at the crazy age of 23, my Nana made me a cookbook.  She took a simple photo album, and placed in it recipes that she loved and made for her family over the years, written in her own handwriting.  The recipes she included were ones she had been cooking for over 50 years! Although we did not see each other as much as I would have loved - given we lived across the country from each other - I always felt connected with her in the kitchen.  

Now, a decade later the recipes she penned for me have become staples in my home.  The recipe book she made me is stained with splashes of sauce and dustings of flour, I use it almost every week!  Connecting me to my family, my heritage, and a deep shared purpose to nourish those whom I love.

This recipe is my Nana's, modified to fit my home and lifestyle.  Her specialty was Banana Bread, with nuts on top.  Mine is Banana Muffins - for kids to grab and go on a busy morning, or to stash in their lunch box in a nut-free school zone, or as an afternoon snack.  I will often bake these fresh in the morning (not to sound too super-mom-ish) because they are so quick!  My favorite is to eat one with a hot tea and a banana with cashew butter on the side - so I stay full all morning. 

Here are the two recipes side by side - see how you can adapt your family recipes so they fit your health needs and your lifestyle!!

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