FAME Recipes


Of course, you love keeping up with the latest food trends. It is fun and invigorating to try something new :).  Part of your health journey is discovering the foods that make your body feel its best, and enjoying fresh new foods are part of that discovery!  But keep in mind - when you are trying to form new healthy habits, or striving get your health back on track - you need foods in your diet that are consistent, stress free, and comforting so you don’t fall off the bandwagon when your schedule gets hectic or when you have a disappointing day.

You can keep yourself grounded and on track by having a handful of healthy meals you know you can always fall back on.  It is good to remember that it is not what you eat some of the time, it’s what you eat ALL of the time that really makes an impact on your health. These meals are quick, nourishing/clean, comforting, and no stress.  These meals connect you to that feeling of “home”, and make you feel like you are really taking care of yourself.  (What meals are coming to mind as you read this???)

I call these “FAME Recipes”, because they are sure to go down in your own personal history as the most wonderful meals you eat.  They are Fast, Amazing Meals, that are Easy! FAME recipes are different from falling into a rut, because they are not boring or lacking in creativity.  Instead, they are foundation of your nutrition plan that you build the rest of your eating habits around.  They inspire you to jump into more creative endeavors in the kitchen, because you know you won’t have to recreate the wheel every day! They help you to stand firmly in a healthy lifestyle that is not driven by trends or by others. 

Maybe you have these meals but they are far from healthy... I will work with you to transform your recipes so those meals are rich in nutrients instead of nutrient deficient.  Maybe you need support and training so you know how to listen to your body and care for your own needs.  Or maybe you need to expand your repertoire of these FAME recipes  - so you don’t end up stumped every week when you start to meal plan - or end up staring blankly at the shelves at Whole Foods…   

This two month (8 week) course is the perfect jumpstart to learning how to eat freely. Contact me for a free Health History, and we can chat about how finding and recreating your own FAME recipes can revolutionize your every day! 

Working with me, you will discover what is best for your body, and feel confident that you know what your body needs. You will begin to take the unknown out of the equation, by finding those meals that you can always go to! Self-care will become natural - as it was meant to be.